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Game Animation Spotlight – Evolve

This is a first of many developer animation spotlights on the site. Each post will focus on showing the animation team’s work on a specific game. Our first post is on the first person shooter game Evolve developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games.

2015-11-25 16_46_01-David Gibson - Vine

The Turtle Rock animation team:
David Gibson
Geoff Hemphill
Robert Alves
Juan Sanchez
Monty Kerson

Publisher 2K also had contributing animators:
Sonny Santa Maria
PJ Leffelman
Jacob Palmer
Sunny Sun

Animation Director David Gibson has an amazing reel showing off all kinds of creatures from the game.

And here is a video of his animation process.

Here some vine loops of his:


Geoff Hemphill has some great animation videos of his work in the character menus here. Just a few of them are below and he shows some of his video reference as well.


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