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Game Animation Spotlight – Halo 5

Our second developer animation spotlight focuses on the great work on Halo 5 developed by 343 Industries.

2015-12-18 10_30_50-Halo 5 Character Animation Reel on Vimeo

The 343 animation team had about 25 animators in the credits. They were split into three teams:

Animation Director: Stephen Dyck

Gameplay Animation Team:
Lead – Patrick Gillette
Patrick Bryan
Joe Garhan
Mark Tanner
Marcellis Wentz
Kyle Dahl
Travis Howe
Josh Paraventi

Vignette Animation Team:
Lead – Juan Carlos Larrea
Will Christiansen
Denis Samoilov
Nick Avallone
Jim Donovan
Asher Harman
Ping-Ping Hsia
Kim Mickle
Nick Whitmire

Cinematic Animation Team:
Cinematic Director – Brien Goodrich
Matt Campbell
Mark Champigny
CJ Markham
Jerod Sellhorn
Dong Eun Shin
Josh Suko
Greg Towner

Here is some great work from each department. Starting with the Gameplay Team:


And some great Vignette Animation:


And a nice cinematic reel:


What does it take to work at 343? Here are some examples of successful animation tests that animators on the team had to do to get hired:

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