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Google Spotlight Series – VR

Google has been releasing a series of VR shorts as part of their Google Spotlight Series. Each short highlights the creative work of an artist or company and the unique way they tell the story in VR. Best viewed on a phone through the Google Spotlight Stories app on Android or IOS but if you don’t have them then you can watch below. The latest one has 360 view embedded into youtube so try orbiting around using your mouse. The rest of the videos don’t have 360 degree functionality in youtube so it’s definitely worth loading them on your phone to get the full experience.

2015-12-23 15_47_44-Glen Keane - Duet HD - YouTube

This is the newest one in the Spotlight Series from Aardman Animations. This is the only one you can orbit in the video with your mouse.


The rest don’t have 360 degree functionality but are a great watch.


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